The CryptoBib database is maintained by Michel Abdalla and Fabrice Benhamouda. It was created by Michel Abdalla.

We thank all the people who contributed to CryptoBib by sending remarks, suggestions or corrections.

This website has been built using Twitter Bootstrap and is powered by web2py.

Remarks, suggestions, and corrections

You can directly submit a pull request or report an issue on cryptobib/db GitHub project. This is now the preferred way of reporting an error. A detailed tutorial on how to submit a pull request is provided below.

You can also contact us at firstname.lastname (at)

How to submit a pull request

  1. Create an account on GitHub and log in using this account. In the sequel, we assume that your login is [username].
  2. Go to
  3. Fork the project (button "Fork" on the top right). You will now have a fork of cryptobib/db named username/db in your GitHub account. Contrary to cryptobib/db, you are allowed to modify (push new commits to) this repository.
  4. Clone this git repository on your computer: git clone[username]/db.git.
  5. Do the modifications. Note: the files abbrev0.yml, abbrev1.yml, abbrev2.yml and abbrev3.yml are automatically generated from abbrev.bibyml. The files crypto.bib and crypto_crossref.bib are automatically generated from crypto_db.bib, crypto_conf_list.bib, and crypto_misc.bib. You will most likely have to change crypto_db.bib.
  6. Commit your changes: git commit -a -m "a message".
  7. Push them to your fork: git push.
  8. Send a pull request to us, by clicking on "New pull request" on[username]/db, entering a description, and then clicking on "Create pull request".

You can then remove your fork username/db by going to "Settings" and then "Delete this repository".

If you do not do it and if you want to send later another pull request, you should not forget to update your fork either via the command line or via the GitHub web interface.

Understanding the GitHub repositories

If you are only interested in using CryptoBib, the only two GitHub repositories that you will ever use are and These repositories are automatically generated from

If you want to submit corrections or remarks (either via a bug report or a pull request), you should do it on, as explained above.

The other repositories contain the website and the tools to generate and test the CryptoBib bib files. The documentation is provided in